Bathroom Remodeling, Backsplash Installation, and Tile Installation in Melrose Park

US Home Tile & Backsplash is dedicated to bringing exceptional quality to every tile or backsplash installation and bathroom remodeling with the very best tile contractors in Melrose Park and surrounding areas. Our bathroom renovations in Melrose Park are real examples of true success stories that we love to share with our valued customers to help them believe in our mission too. We know that you depend on our expertise to provide the very best, cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals while keeping you informed through every step. We also realize the importance of a timely completion for every tile installation or bathroom remodeling in Melrose Park efficiently, as we deliver the results you’re looking for on your investment.

There is no greater joy for tile contractors in Melrose Park than seeing big smiles on the faces of our satisfied customers after they see the outstanding results of our labor. For more than a decade, I worked side-by-side with my father completing tile installations and bathroom renovations in Melrose Park, gaining all the experience and years of knowledge to confidently handle any challenge as a top-quality tiler.
Regardless of the job, whether it is a tile installation, bathroom remodeling, or backsplash installation in Melrose Park, our work ethic is the same. Our company’s pride has always stemmed from our loyalty, dedication, and authenticity in our customer relationships, built on a foundation of honesty and genuine caring. What matters to you will continue to be important to us, and that has been our true motivation right from the start.


Tile Installation

Our tile contractors in Melrose Park are happy to offer a free consultation and estimate that addresses your need for tile installation. Whether you’re looking for a large bathroom renovation or a backsplash installation in Melrose Park, count on us for friendly customer service and the right advice to give you the desired results using any kind of tile.

Ceramic Tiles
Stone Tiles
Granite Marble Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Glass Tiles
Lvt Tiles
Carpet Tiles
Floor & Wall Tiles

Bathroom Design

Bathroom renovations in Melrose Park should be handled by experienced contractors like ours. For that reason, our highly-experienced team of tile installers in Melrose Park offers all their skills gained through years in the business, as well as incredible industry knowledge and passion for bringing the most stunning designs to life in your new bathroom space.

What You Can Expect from Our Bathroom Design Services?
Professional bathroom designs with select features and tile installation in Melrose Park
Custom shower installation or shower extension
Remodeling your sinks and countertops according to plans
Wardrobe, closets, or bathroom cabinet designs
Natural stone and marble tile installation in Melrose Park
Ceramic and porcelain tile installation
Bathtub replacement
Faucet repair
Vanity Installation and much more!

Bathroom Remodeling

When completed properly, your bathroom remodeling in Melrose Park can make your bathroom experience pleasant and relaxing every time you enter the room. Allow our specialists in bathroom remodeling in Melrose Park to renew your old tiles or design and create a functional, stylish new oasis that offers plenty of private space.

Some of Our Bathroom Remodeling Services:
Bathroom design
Complete remodeling
Countertops Updating
Modernization through bathroom remodeling in Melrose Park
Tile installation on floors and walls
Vanity installation
Bathtub and sink installation
Backsplash installation in Melrose Park

Shower Base Installation

With our expert tile installers in Melrose Park, you can see the precise work that we are able to produce as our process includes determining the amount of available space and working within the budget for the shower base installation. Your choice of style, functionality, and vision are the things that are most important to us.

Benefits of Our Shower Base Installation:
Affordable pricing
Licensed and insured
The highest level of customer service
Quick response time
Professional and courteous contractors

Shower Niche Installation

At first thought, an investment in a custom shower niche may not feel affordable. But once the work is completed to perfection, you and your family will be happy to reap all the benefits. All the materials we use are meant to fit perfectly to match your needs long into the future.

Custom Shower Niche Service Includes:
Door Installation
Pan Installation
Board and Tile installation in Melrose Park
Precise measurement of the space to meet your needs
Selection for the shower niche area and its components
Remodeling, and upgrades

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Speak to us about the options our tile installers in Melrose Park offer as we can turn your backsplash installation into a unique work of art. With the variety of modern designs and techniques available to use on your wall tile, we guarantee we will achieve exactly the look you want.

Why You Should Choose Our contractors:
We have expert tile installers in Melrose Park who are licensed and insured.
You receive comprehensive yet smart solutions for your tile installation in Melrose Park, which includes the removal and disposal of your old tiles.
Our labor is backed by a 1-year warranty.
You can choose to utilize your option for customized financing solutions to fit your budget perfectly.

Plumbing Services

Our professional team knows how to handle any job with efficiency, so you are hiring the experts for your bathroom remodeling in Melrose Park or to fix any plumbing issues that need attention.

Electrical Services

When you bring us in for your project, we are ready for anything, and that includes malfunctioning electrical systems. One of our bathroom remodeling contractors in Melrose Park can fix your electrical problem without the need for calling in another electrician. We will always give you 100% quality in all our work.

Tile Installation, Backsplash Installation, Floor Tile Installation in Melrose Park

US Home Tile & Backsplash offers a comprehensive range of solutions for bathroom remodeling and tile installation in Melrose Park, so we can give you the right fit on style, personality, and budget. Check out our photo gallery filled with all kinds of completed works that have left our customers happy. We are certain you can find some inspiration for your bathroom renovations in Melrose Park. You can work with the best to join our growing list of thrilled homeowners that are eager to include their picture-perfect images of the outstanding work provided by our exceptional tile contractors in Melrose Park.

Chicago Tile & Backsplash as your Tile Contractor

Why should you choose our tile company in Merlose Park to handle your tile installation job?

Here in the U.S. Home Tile & Backsplash our priority is to provide all our existing and potential clients in the Merlose Park area with a service based on efficiency and quality, apart from viable solutions in terms of tile installation or any installation of other types of floors that we have available (For example, backsplash, heated floors, granite marble flooring, wood-like tiles). We also provide quotes without the obligation to contract our services and consulting so that you make the right decision regarding your floors!
Our official tiler at Merlose Park will serve you well as if you were a member of their family and you can be sure that the final product will stand the test of time. If you want to know more about our services or see our product catalog to find out what suits you best, we invite you to visit our website or consult our operators!

Granite Tiles

Marble Tiles

Glass Tiles

Porcelain Tiles



Why choose us – Merlose Park Tile & Backsplash?

If you are planning a variety of home renovations (such as bathroom remodeling) and are looking for flooring and tile experts to do the highest quality work for you, U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH is the indicated option. We make it a high priority to give you the best care in the entire state of Illinois in order to meet all your expectations and even exceed them by far. We also have a priority not to deviate at any time from your specific needs, budget and duration of the project so that you feel calm. If you still have doubts about our services, we invite you to visit the reviews section of our website so that you can see first-hand what other clients think.

When you contact us by phone or online to request a quote, our experts will explain to you step by step the details of your design and the tile installation process so that you know exactly what you will receive, also including a specific timeline to develop your project. During the development of the project, we will keep you updated on the progress and type of installation to be used. What are you waiting for to place your trust in the true experts in the field of flooring? Contact us now!

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