Tile Installers Near Elk Grove Village for Bathroom Remodeling & Backsplash

MISSION STATEMENT Elk Grove Tile & Elk Grove Tile & Backsplash is one of the most important bathroom remodeling contractors, not only in the Chicago metropolitan area, but also in Elk Grove Village; since we provide the inhabitants of these areas with the best tile floor installation, backsplash installation and bathroom remodeling jobs that no other tile companien nearby Elk Grove Village can imitate. Our quality work over the years is clear evidence of our commitment to provide you with options to turn your home into what you dreamed of at completely effective prices and in an efficient and punctual way, always attentive to details.
OUR HISTORY If there is something that is completely undeniable when being a member of a prestigious company, it is performing the tile installation or any other work so well to the point of seeing the client smiling from ear to ear when they see their dream come true. I owe this mainly to my father, who for the last 10 years taught me how to carry out these tasks and gain the necessary experience to overcome any challenge, regardless of its complexity. No matter what type of job it is, our company has prided itself on providing people with quality jobs through honesty, loyalty, dedication, and authentic customer relationships. Most importantly, you (the customer) are very important to us, as you are our source of motivation throughout the years.

Tile Companies Near Elk Grove Village Services

Tile Installation

If your house needs a tile companies near Elk Grove Village in case of bathroom renovations or in general, our tile contractors nearby Elk Grove Village will provide you with all the necessary details (including a free quote) so that you can make the right decision according to your needs.

Ceramic Tiles
Stone Tiles
Granite Marble Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Glass Tiles
Lvt Tiles
Carpet Tiles
Floor & Wall Tiles

Bathroom Design

Here in the U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH, our most qualified bathroom experts and tile installers nearby Elk Grove Village will ensure that your bathroom is designed and built according to what you dreamed of and in a stunning way.

What Is Included In Our Bathroom Design Services?
Professional bathroom designs and installation
Customized installation of showers (including shower extension)
Remodeling of sink tops and countertops
Wardrobe, closets, or bathroom cabinets’ designs
Natural stone and marble tile installation
Ceramic and porcelain tile installation
Replacement of bathtub
Faucet repair
Installation of vanity and much more!

Bathroom Remodeling

Let our contractors assist you with your bathroom renovation by updating those old porcelain tiles and hardware with contemporary ones that make the bathroom experience pleasant, relaxing, and most of all, private.

Some of the services we offer are:
Complete remodeling
Countertops Updating
Modern bathroom remodeling
Tile Floors
Vanity installation
Bathtub and sink installation

Shower Base Installation

With our most experienced tiler, you will get a good installation of bases in your shower, since it will take care of a precise job based on the space available in your bathroom and your current budget.

When you choose us for your shower base installation, you will get the following benefits:
Economical pricing
Licensed and insured
High level of customer service
Quick response time
Professional and courteous technicians

Shower Niche Installation

Although many consider it infeasible to create a niche custom shower due to cost issues, we assure you that at the end of this project, you and your family will be able to enjoy a unique experience when bathing; This is primarily because the products selected for this job will meet your short- to long-term requirements.

Take a look at our Custom Shower niche Service:
Door Installation
Pan Installation
Installation of Boards and Tiles
Measurement of the Space as per your needs
Ideal selection of shower niche area
Remodeling, and up-gradations

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

If you want to make a change of tile in the kitchen area for something accessible, the backsplash contractors U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH will make it possible, using modern designs and techniques that can be used even on the walls!

Here's why you should choose our contractors:
We have Expert Installers on our team who are licensed and insured
We offer you comprehensive yet smart tile installation solutions that include removing and haul away your old tiles
We bring you labor with a 1-year warranty
Customized financing options for each project to fit each client’s budget

Plumbing Services

If you need someone to replace or fix your bathroom plumbing system effectively and efficiently, you can trust us.

Electrical Services

Forget hiring a separate electrician, as our contractors are properly trained to perform any type of work on your electrical system, including repairing it in the event of a malfunction.

Tile Installers Near Elk Grove Village - Our Latest Projects: Before & After

Elk Grove Village Tile & Backsplash offers a variety of bathroom remodel solutions from our tile installers nearby Elk Grove Village to match your style and personality. In order for you to seek inspiration, we have a photo gallery on our website where you can see our past projects. If you are looking for quality jobs that last for decades to come and end with high satisfaction, we are your choice for excellence! Find top tile companies near me Elk Grove Village for your project. For more information regarding our portfolio of services, please contact us!


Why should you choose us from all tile companies nearby Elk Grove Village to handle your tile installation job?

One of the main reasons why many people choose U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH, unlike other companies in the area that do the same, may be due to the excellent customer service we offer from start to finish. From the first moment you call our tile contractors near Elk Grove Village, they will provide you with all the necessary details to make the right decision for your home.

U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH offers various types of flooring such as backsplashing, heated floors, granite marble flooring and wood-look flooring, which are installed by our contractors through a first-rate professional service; all in order to make the different rooms in your home look refreshing and be the center of conversation for many years to come. Discover the best tile flooring near Elk Grove Village options for your home. If you want to know more information about our services or want to see our extensive catalog of apartments, do not hesitate to contact us through the official channels!

Granite Tiles

Marble Tiles

Glass Tiles

Porcelain Tiles




Are you planning to do some kind of renovation in your home, such as bathroom renovations, but still can’t find a tile installerr near Elk Grove to whom to entrust the work? Look no further, as U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH is the perfect answer to this problem. We stand out for providing the best tiling services to the inhabitants of Elk Grove Village in order to meet all their needs and even exceed all their expectations. Therefore, we always try to keep within the mutually agreed timeline and budget when doing the work, and above all, keep a close eye on the details and quality. Find top tile installers nearby Elk Grove Village for your project. If you still have your doubts and want to confirm, we invite you to go to our reviews section on the website.
From the moment you call our operators, we will provide you with all the necessary details regarding your design and installation process so that you can have an idea of ​​what will be done and so that you can make the right decision. At the time of tiling or flooring work, we will provide you with constant updates regarding the work, regardless of the magnitude of it. Forget about those tile companies near Elk Grove that don’t keep their word and hire the real experts in the field! Discover the best tile contractors near Elk Grove Village for your project. You can contact us through our website or our official phones. Your happiness is paramount to us!

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