Tile Installers Near Brookfield for Bathroom Remodeling & Backsplash

U.S. HOME Tile & Backsplash is committed to being one of the leading tile contractors nearby Brookfield, providing you with high-quality work for all of your tile and backsplash installation needs, in addition to bathroom renovation needs. Our bathroom renovation projects demonstrate the renovation victories we experience with our customers, bringing them on board with our mission and vision. We understand that you are depending on us to offer the best, most affordable choice to bring your project to fruition while communicating each step with you. We also comprehend the significance of having each project completed within the established timeframe and as efficiently as possible. We aim to surpass your expectations, delivering optimum results.

Nothing makes me happier than witnessing the contentment of our satisfied clients upon seeing their project’s final results. I gained vast knowledge and experience working side by side with my father for over a decade in Brookfield. We are confident that we can conquer any adversity as a leading tile contractors near Brookfield.
Whatever project you may have, from backsplash installation to bathroom remodeling to tile installation, our company has always believed in our dedication, loyalty, and the genuine client relationships we have built upon transparency and authenticity.
No matter the job, whether a tile installation, bathroom remodeling, or backsplash installation, our company’s pride has always relied on our loyalty, dedication, and the genuine customer relationships we’ve built upon honesty and authentic interest. We will always make your concerns our concerns, and that’s a concept that has inspired and motivated us through the years.

Tile Companies Near Brookfield Services

Tile Installation

Our tile contractors nearby Brookfield gladly offer you a consultation to assess your tile installation project as well as a free estimate of the cost to execute it. Our experienced team of tile installers near Brookfield always provides friendly customer service as well as the best options available to ensure excellent results for your bathroom renovation or backsplash installation project.

Ceramic Tiles
Stone Tiles
Granite Marble Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Glass Tiles
Lvt Tiles
Carpet Tiles
Floor & Wall Tiles

Bathroom Design

Bathroom renovation projects are best handled by experienced, professional tile contractors near me Brookfield. For this reason, our expert team of tile installers nearby Brookfield will rely upon their knowledge acquired through years of industry experience and their passion for design to make sure your project results in the bathroom of your dreams.

What Is Included In Our Bathroom Design Services?
Professional bathroom designs and installation
Customized installation of showers (including shower extension)
Remodeling of sink tops and countertops
Wardrobe, closets, or bathroom cabinets’ designs
Natural stone and marble tile installation
Ceramic and porcelain tile installation
Full bathtub replacement
Faucet repair
Installation of vanity and much more!

Bathroom Remodeling

When executed properly, a bathroom remodeling project can provide a pleasant, tranquil oasis. Our bathroom remodeling and tile contractors nearby Brookfield can renew outdated tiles or designs and create a stylish, functional, private sanctuary.

Some of the services we offer are:
Bathroom design
Countertops Updating
Modern bathroom remodeling
Tile Floors
Vanity installation
Bathtub and sink installation

Shower Base Installation

To beginning a shower base installation project, our team carefully measures the physical space and analyzes our customer’s budget in order for our expert tile installers near me Brookfield to work precisely. We also take into consideration your wishes and your personal style.

When you choose us for your shower base installation, you will get the following benefits:
Economical pricing
Licensed and insured
High level of customer service
Quick response time
Professional and courteous technicians

Shower Niche Installation

The cost of designing and installing a custom shower niche can be off-putting. However, once the project has been completed, your family and the generations to come will be able to enjoy it for decades. We carefully choose materials in order to meet your standards and provide a durable space that will last.

Take a look at our Custom Shower niche Service:
Door Installation
Pans Installation
Installation of Boards and Tiles
Measurement of the Space as per your needs
Ideal selection of shower niche area
Remodeling, and up-gradations

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Convert your backsplash installation into a work of art by collaborating with one of the best tile companies near Brookfield and choosing the best design for you. We offer a variety of techniques and designs for your wall tile and guarantee it will transform your space, providing the look you seek.

Here's why you should choose our contractors:
We have Expert Installers on our team who are licensed and insured
We offer you comprehensive yet smart tile installation solutions that include removing and haul away your old tiles
We bring you labor with a 1-year warranty
Customized financing options for each project to fit each client’s budget

Plumbing Services

Our highly-experienced team knows how to deal with any project efficiently, so you are bringing in the experts for your bathroom remodeling in Brookfield or to fix any plumbing issues in need of attention.

Electrical Services

When you first think about it, investing in a custom shower niche may seem out of your price range. But after the work is done perfectly, you and your family will joyfully find many benefits. All the materials we work with are intended to fit perfectly, meeting your needs well into the future.

Tile Installers Near Brookfield - Our Latest Projects: Before & After

U.S. HOME Tile & Backsplash provides a wide variety of bathroom remodeling and tile installation solutions that promise to provide an excellent fit with your personal style and design themes. Check out our photo gallery to see photos of past projects and satisfied customers while you draw inspiration and confidence. This is your chance to work with the best tile contractors nearby Brookfield and join our growing group of happy customers impressing others with your own magazine-worthy results.


Why should you decide to hire our tile contractors nearby Brookfield for your tile installation project?

We treat each and every one of our clients with the respect and consideration they deserve. Our tile installation services begin with a complimentary estimate and consultation that offer you all the pertinent information you need to make an informed decision.

We guarantee outstanding end results delivered for every one of our services, whether your project is small or large, including services such as backsplash installation, full bathroom renovation, floor tile installation by tile installers near me Brookfield, granite marble flooring, heated floors, or even wood-look floor tile installation by tile contractors nearBrookfield.
When you choose our Chicago Tile & Backsplash team of professional tile contractors near me Brookfield, rest assured we will treat you like family and you will be blown away by our friendly service and the incredible results of your bathroom remodeling project. Peruse our variety of materials and tile flooring near Brookfield options, then get in touch with us and let us guide you through choosing the ideal option for you:

Granite Tiles

Marble Tiles

Glass Tiles

Porcelain Tiles



Obviously, there are infinite possibilities in order to encounter the look you seek for your favorite spots in your home – dining and living areas, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and bathroom remodeling is right around the corner in Brookfield. Our tile installers nearby Brookfield can transform your space into the stylish oasis you seek. We can offer a vintage or classic feel by simply choosing the appropriate design and color scheme and including specific design elements.

We love to work hand-in-hand with our clients, customizing designs to their personality and taste in order to provide them with a space that suits them perfectly. The next step is choosing adequate materials like ceramic porcelain flooring and tile flooring nearby Brookfield which are stronger and longer lasting. Stone is another ideal option that is attractive and durable, giving a refined look to any type of space. Everything depends on your inclinations and likes!


If you seek professional, experienced tile installers near Brookfield who will ensure your project executed punctually worry-free, we are the tile contractors nearby Brookfield for you! We aim to provide high-quality customer service and meticulously tend to even the smallest detail. We are driven by the passion for our craft that we bring to each bathroom remodeling, backsplash installation, or tile installation job we take on, resulting in outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Take a look at our customer reviews to see the testimonies of trust in our company and services.
Rest assured, we will focus on your project’s budget and timeframe, making sure to comply with both so that you will be enjoying your results as soon as possible and in an affordable manner. Get in touch with us for additional information as well as a free estimate!

Our tile installers near me Brookfield will collaborate with you from day one, your free estimate, carefully explaining your design and tile installation process to ensure you know what to expect as well as a timeframe that is reasonable and mutually agreeable. We aim to keep you in the loop throughout the process of your bathroom remodeling project, no matter the scope of your project, floor tiles or backsplash installation, large or small. Please contact us immediately in order to answer all of your questions and concerns and to embark upon your bathroom renovation project in Brookfield as we lead the way.

Arek Latoszek

The Owner

Beginning with your free quote, our professional tile contractors nearby Brookfield will be glad to guide you through your design details and tile installation process in order for you to understand what to expect and what the timeline will be to ensure your project comes out perfectly. We aim to maintain open communications and inform you of each phase of your bathroom remodeling project, from backsplashes to tile flooring near Brookfield, whatever the scope of your project, small or large. Get in touch with us today and we will get started collaborating on your bathroom renovations in Brookfield as well clarify any concerns you may have.

Receive an outstanding installation experience from expert tile contractors near Brookfield!

U.S. HOME Tile & Backsplash provides every one of the professional services you require to convert your house in a worriless, economic way without going cheap and low-quality. No matter if you seek to include a variety of personal touches or are looking to integrate an artistic design, the tile installation of your floors and be other worldly or traditional, including utilizing ceramic tiles in a variety of areas like kitchen countertops, backsplash installation, and in bathroom showers. You have the creative license to add contrast between your home decor and flooring, as well as for matching wall tiles with the flooring. We support you in letting your creativity take over and will do everything we can to bring your incredible design to life.

We Tailor Your Tile Projects!

Do not hesitate to move forward with a unique project. Our team will offer custom tile work which allows you to customize your project, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Our expert techniques and wide variety of top-quality materials provide outstanding results which trigger satisfied customers. We would never want your tile installation to cause anxiety over whether results will live up to expectations as we are aware of the gravity of this decision and investment in tile contractors nearby Brookfield. We are communicative and ensure explaining every detail in advance. We know you are seeking results that will last and are in constant contact allowing you the opportunity to choose quality and attractive materials that suit your function and aesthetic. No matter if you are embarking upon a remodeling project or brand-new tile installation, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results of the vision you present to us originally. Our expert team will do their best to maintain established timelines and avoid delays. We aim to provide you and your family with a seamless process.

When Should You Schedule A Consultation?

U.S. HOME Tile & Backsplash is composed of a fully equipped team prepared to service all of your commercial as well as residential tile project necessities, so do not even bother looking for any other tile companies near me Brookfield. In terms of quotes for both the service and material, from laminate floor tiles to wood flooring tiles to natural stones, we provide special pricing for tile installation. Our tile contractors nearby Brookfield also provide top-of-the-line customer service and tile repair that fits into your budget requirements and needs.
Contact us now for responses to all of your questions. One of our friendly staff members will gladly discuss your budget, ideas and anticipated results with you. As one of a leading tile companies near Brookfield, we can guide you through enhancing each area of your home or business because we take care of you as though you were part of our extended family!
Would you like to learn more about our company? Get in touch with us now and schedule installation or repair services in order for our experts to get started on the process of transforming your vision into reality.

PLAN IN ADVANCE: Tile Installers Near Brookfield for Bathroom Remodeling and Tile Installation

U.S. HOME Tile & Backsplash, professionals in bathroom remodeling, tile installation, and bathroom renovations in Brookfield, provides you with the necessary knowledge and experience to enjoy this process!
No one can know better than you do what you are looking for, so if you wish for your bathroom remodeling vision to remain beautiful, contact us and we will collaborate with you in planning your entire project precisely the way you envisioned it.
Our first step is comprehending your needs and your budget in order to create realistic results that will help us to create a bathroom you want to spend all your time in. By utilizing the appropriate color palettes and elements, a bathroom renovation plays its role in providing a relaxing space that is stylish, functional, and trendy while including your taste.
Our innovative team is prepared to answer your questions and help you get organized. Allow us to participate in your bathroom renovation project!



Write to us or call us! As soon as you do, we will respond to you in one business day maximum.

Receive a free quote - a speedy, thorough order assessment.

Comprehending the specifications – after we have finished our on-site visit and quote, we will guide you to the pinpointing of the very best and even possible the least expensive options. Every living ambience has distinct requirements and we gladly provide suggestions.

Prompt order completion – our orders are always completed within the timeframe agreed upon, based on your individual schedule capacities or needs.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed- our commitment to ensure your satisfaction with your finished project is as strong as our promise to leave your space clean and ready to be used before we walk away from it.