Tile Installers Near Carol Stream for Bathroom Remodeling & Backsplash

Home Tile & Backsplash is fully dedicated to ensuring outstanding quality with every tile or backsplash installation and bathroom renovation with the absolute best tile contractors near me Carol Stream and surrounding suburbs. Our tile installers near Carol Stream are highly skilled, providing top-notch services for all your tile flooring near Carol Stream needs in the area. Our bathroom renovations in Carol Stream are great examples of amazing success stories that we enjoy sharing with our valued customers so they can believe in this mission too. We know that you rely on our expertise to bring you the very best, cost-effective options that can achieve your goals while also keeping you informed every step of the way. We also understand the importance of completing a project on time, whether it’s tile flooring nearby Carol Stream or bathroom remodeling or any surrounding suburb. Our tile installers nearby Carol Stream work efficiently to deliver the results you want on your investment. Trust US Home Tile & Backsplash for all your tile and backsplash needs in Carol Stream and nearby suburbs.

There is nothing that our tile contractors near Carol Stream like more than seeing great big smiles on the faces of our delighted customers upon seeing the incredible results of our work. For more than a decade, I, together with my father, completed beautiful tile installations and bathroom renovations in Carol Stream, acquiring all the experience and knowledge needed to confidently handle all challenges as a top-quality tiler. For any tile installation, bathroom remodeling, or backsplash installation, our tile installers near Carol Steam work ethic always remains the same. Our pride has always come from our loyalty, dedication, and authenticity in the relationships we have with our customers, built around honesty and genuine caring. What is important to you is always important to us, which has been our guiding motivation from the very beginning.

Tile Companies Near Carol Stream Services

Tile Installation

Our tile contractors nearby Carol Stream are always ready to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to address your need for professional tile installation. You may be looking for a large bathroom renovation or a small backsplash installation in Carol Stream, so you can count on our friendly customer service and the perfect advice to give you exactly the results you want using any variety of tile.

Ceramic Tiles
Stone Tiles
Granite Marble Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Glass Tiles
Lvt Tiles
Carpet Tiles
Floor & Wall Tiles

Bathroom Design

Bathroom renovations in Carol Stream are best handled by experienced contractors like us. That’s why our professional team of tile installers nearby Carol Stream brings all the skills and knowledge gained through many years in the business, to passionately offer the most amazing designs for your new bathroom space.

What to Expect from Our Bathroom Design Services
Professional bathroom designs with thoughtful features and tile installation in Carol Stream
Custom shower installation or shower extension
Remodeling your sinks and countertops to fit your new plans
Wardrobe, closets, or bathroom cabinet designs
Natural stone and marble tile installation in Carol Stream
Ceramic and porcelain tile installation
Full bathtub replacement
Faucet repair
Vanity Installation and much more!

Bathroom Remodeling

When finished right, your bathroom remodeling in Carol Stream can give you a pleasant and relaxing bathroom experience each time you walk into the room. Let our tile contractors nearby Carol Steam experts with bathroom remodeling refresh your old tiles or design and construct a functional, stylish new private bathroom space that’s meant for you.

Some of Our Bathroom Remodeling Services:
A bathroom design that comes from experience
Complete remodeling
Countertop updating
Modernizing through top-down bathroom remodeling
Tile installation for your floors and walls
Vanity installation
Bathtub and sink installation
Backsplash installation in Carol Stream

Shower Base Installation

With our top-of-the-line tile installers near me Carol Stream, you will notice the precision in our work as we determine the amount of available space while working under a budget for your shower base installation. Your vision for the space, along with your decision on style and functionality, is what’s most important to us.

Benefits of Our Shower Base Installation:
We make it affordable
Our team is fully licensed and insured
You receive the greatest level of customer service
Fast response time
Professional and courteous contractors who work with you

Shower Niche Installation

When you first think about it, investing in a custom shower niche may seem out of your price range. But after the work is done perfectly, you and your family will joyfully find many benefits. All the materials we work with are intended to fit perfectly, meeting your needs well into the future.

Custom Shower Niche Service Includes:
Door Installation
Pan Installation
Board and Tile installation in Carol Stream
Precise measurement of the space to match your specific needs
Selection of your shower niche zone and its features
Remodeling with upgrades

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Installation in Carol Stream Consult with us about your options that our tile installers near me Carol Stream can offer so we can make your backsplash installation a unique and beautiful work of art. Today’s wide variety of modern designs and techniques for your wall tile allow us to guarantee the right look you want.

Why You Should Choose Our Tile contractors in Carol Stream:
We work with expert tile installers in Carol Stream who are licensed and insured.
You will find a full array of smart solutions for your tile installation in Carol Stream, including old tile removal and disposal.
Our labor provides confidence with our 1-year warranty.
We have wonderful financing solutions that are just as customized as our workmanship, so you can make your budget work for you.

Plumbing Services

Our highly-experienced team knows how to deal with any project efficiently, so you are bringing in the experts for your bathroom remodeling in Carol Stream or to fix any plumbing issues in need of attention.

Electrical Services

When you first think about it, investing in a custom shower niche may seem out of your price range. But after the work is done perfectly, you and your family will joyfully find many benefits. All the materials we work with are intended to fit perfectly, meeting your needs well into the future.

Tile Installers Near Carol Stream - Our Latest Projects: Before & After

US Home Tile & Backsplash has a comprehensive range of solutions ready for bathroom remodeling with our tile installers nearby Carol Stream, so we can work with you to get the right style, personality, and function all under your budget. Take a look at our photo gallery full of completed projects that have made our customers smile. We know you can find some inspiration to launch your bathroom renovations in Carol Stream. Come work with the best and join our growing list of happy homeowners that are excited about adding their picture-perfect photos of the great work completed by our skilled tile contractors near me Carol Stream.


Looking for an excellent backsplash and tile contractor nearby Carol Stream?

Look no further than Carol Stream Tile and Backsplash. We are happy to give you a free estimate and consultation along with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We have experience with large and small contracts, whether laying a new bathroom floor or a backsplash installation. We work with all kinds of wall and flooring materials, like granite, marble, and challenging tile patterns. We guarantee our work and results that you will be thrilled with. Customer service is what makes our company the favorite one in all tile companies near Carol Stream for professional tile and backsplash installations.

We care about our clients, and we are not satisfied until you are. Take a look at the many different colors, patterns, and textures we have for you to choose from. So call our customer service today!

Granite Tiles

Marble Tiles

Glass Tiles

Porcelain Tiles




We are the best tile installers near Carol Stream with skilled, professional, and detail-oriented contractors. You can enjoy a stress-free and timely installation by our company, knowing that we go above and beyond for our customers.

We are passionate about what we do, and so we care that all customers are getting the very best installation possible. Ask any of our happy customers why they prefer Carol Stream Tile and Backsplash. You will find that we are known for delivering a job on time and within your budget. We are honest, dependable and will listen to all your comments and queries. Our contractors come with years of experience behind them, and we are confident we can do an excellent job for you!

Arek Latoszek

The Owner

We have found that working closely with our Carol Stream clients is vital for successful installation through our years of experience. We want you to know the details of your design, what you will receive, and what time frame. Our goal is to keep you, the customer, informed throughout the project so that you know what you can expect and when. Whether big or small, every job will receive the same stellar service and attention from our Carol Stream Tile and Backsplash company. We look forward to meeting with you and getting started on your unique installation.


Expect the best installation experience from expert tile contractors!

When it comes to providing the best tile services for home construction or renovation projects in the Carol Stream area, we are the most feasible tile contractors near Carol Steam for the job. Regardless of whether it is a large or small project (such as a bathroom remodeling), the experts at the U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH will ensure that your floor or wall tile designs become a reality through a service that stands out for its efficiency, professionalism and above all, an attentive look at details; all in order to keep your home always refreshing and relevant with the latest styles.

We Customize Your Tile Projects Here!

If you have a dream tile design that you want to bring to life in order to make your home stand out from other conventional designs, our contractors will make it possible through a variety of the highest quality materials and latest techniques in the industry!
You should take into account that a tile installation is an investment that should not be taken too lightly. To avoid worries during the process and maintain transparency at all times, our tile installers nearby Carol Steam will communicate everything to you in advance. Apart from that, they will also inform you of every step that is being taken during the installation process so that you can make the right decisions regarding materials and designs.
Regardless of whether it is a construction or remodeling of an existing site, rest assured that our team will give their best effort 100% to deliver your custom design on time and that you can enjoy it subsequently.

When Are You Ready To Schedule A Consultation?

U.S. HOME TILE & BACKSPLASH Carol Stream has a team properly prepared to meet any need you may have with your tile project, whether in domestic or commercial terms. When it comes to quotes for service and materials, we offer special prices for installation, regardless of the type of method or tile involved. Our team is also properly trained to provide the best customer service and tile repair that meet your time and cost schedule.
If you have any questions, you can contact us through the official telephones and an operator will gladly provide you with all the necessary information regarding the budget, ideas and the results you seek to obtain. In the event that you need help raising the hue in your commercial and residential spaces, we will come to the rescue on the first call! Do you want us to get to work immediately? Feel free to schedule an installation or repair service with us and our experts will come where you are to assist you.

PLAN AHEAD for your Tile Installation and Bathroom Remodeling in Carol Stream!

At Chicago Tile & Backsplash, our professionals in tile installation, bathroom renovations, and bathroom remodeling in Carol Stream make your experience enjoyable by sharing their expertise and knowledge.
No one knows what you want better than you do. To ensure your bathroom remodeling dream becomes a reality, contact us and we guarantee we will provide the incredible results you envision and seek.
Step one is comprehending your vision, wish list, and budget so we can deliver concrete results of a home oasis you want to stay in forever. The key to the perfect bathroom renovation lies in the appropriate accents and color palette, providing a tranquil space that suits your design style yet is also incredibly functional.
Allow us to participate in your bathroom renovation project. Our expert team will answer any questions and assist you in organizing and executing your project.



As soon as you write to us or call us, we are sure to respond to you in one business day or less.
Obtain your free quote - a speedy, comprehensive order evaluation.
Comprehension of the specifications – once we have finished our on-site estimate, we will assist you in locating the best and potentially least expensive options. Each living ambience has different needs and we are happy to offer suggestions.
Speedy order completion – we always complete orders within the established timeframe, depending on your schedule needs or capacities .
We guarantee satisfaction – we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your project upon its completion and promise to leave your space cleaned up and prepared for use before we turn it over.