Give a New Life to Your Garden With Outdoor Tiles

Gardens and outdoor spaces have a greater potential than what they look as they can be more than a space for gardeners. There has been a recent trend that is gaining strength of alfresco living, so for this reason, the garden is a place that is more often used to have family time, outdoor dining, spending time with friends, or simply relaxing at the end of the day.
So basically nowadays gardens are becoming one of the more used spaces in our homes, so how complicated can it be to have an outdoor paradise that looks awesome and at the same time is easy to keep? According to tile contractors Chicago has, outdoor tiles are the proper answer and an important feature for present-day gardens. It’s perfect for pathways, patios, and terrace jacuzzis as they use something ahead of the usual concrete or wood decking and this comes in a diversity of styles and depictions.

Why is It a Good Idea to Use Open Air Tiles?
Outdoor tile installation Chicago service should be done with a thickness of 20mm, so open air tiles are double thicked as normal porcelain tiles, and they offer a variety of benefits and characteristics, that include a dent resistant, and made to last surface that almost doesn’t require maintenance, just to sweep and wash. Open air porcelain tiles are not porous, so even with ice the water won’t get in the tile, so it won’t crack this according to tile installers Chicago has. They also feature an UV resistance so they won’t discolor with time, that will allow you to forget about it, and have peace of mind even in the toughest weather conditions. Different from natural stone, there’s no necessity of sealing it, as these tiles are mold and stains resistant, and any kind of spills can be wiped easily thanks to the resistance to chemicals and stains.This tile floor installation Chicago service using this material will be safe as it has anti-slip properties, so you can feel safe as this tiles are done to perform well and are ideal for open air spaces.

Matching Indoor Designs With Outdoor
Besides the mentioned benefits, using outdoor tiles along with thinner indoors tiles, allows a seamless change from your interior spaces to your outdoor areas, which is one of the more convenient choices. You can switch from one space to another without noticing bigger changes in design, and hence enjoy an harmonious indoor and outdoor living space that suits perfectly for modern lifestyle.

This way limits between indoors and outdoors can merge together, as today designs are focused on outdoor floor tiles. Whenever you’re looking for a professional tiler Chicago company that can help you to make your porch tile installation Chicago project a reality, then you can reach Chicago Tile & Backsplash, as we have the required experience, and knowledge to assist you with any kind of tile installation Carol Stream. Reach us today to receive a free quotation and expertise advisory.